Discover Ghana with 10 Iwaria images

Ghana is a West African Country, early named Gold Coast. There are in this country as in Africa generally many beautiful things to discover and to see. Let’s discover some of these magnificent particularities that make Ghana a very beautiful country to visit with friends or family. These images will show you up to beautiful places to visit or the most popular things that provide Ghana. Let’s go !

Photo by Pacome.lal via Iwaria

One of the representative monuments of Ghana is the Kwame Nkrumah dedicated National Parc. This park is a museum in honor of the first Ghanaian President. He led Ghana to its Independence in 1960. The park contains the Mausoleum of Nkrumah, as well as a museum retracing his life. You can see them in the picture below.

Ghana is also bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. There are many cities in the South of the country that is coasted. Accra, Aflao, Cape Coast, Kokrobite, and Kumasi are one of them. You can see how beautiful the beaches are in the country.

Ghana’s beautiful Coast

Photo by lapping via Iwaria
Photo by morrisync via Iwaria

At the coast, there are many fishers and boats. It’s a very big advantage for the country economically. The economic growth of the country doesn’t make local craftsmen continue work. As you can see in the picture, this old man is weaving fishnets to fishers.

Photo by Pacome via Iwaria
Photo by hbieser via Iwaria

Cocoa, Fufu : sure values of Ghana’s identity

Cocoa is the main natural resource in Ghana. Ghana is the first producer and exporter of cocoa in the World after Ivory Coast. Most of the chocolate we eat every day at breakfast or brunch are made with cocoa from Ghana. In the last years, brands made in Ghana started producing chocolate and export it to other countries. Verify if the chocolate that is in the fridge isn’t from Ghana.

Photo by Pernillaklockars via Iwaria

Let’s continue to talk about food. Ghana is well-known for its fufu. Fufu is a meal made with pounded bananas and yams. It can be eaten with different sauces. Fufu is so popular and delicious that people in many neighboring countries also eat it.

It is also characterized by beautiful landscapes. These ones are enjoyable in the countrysides and cities of the country. As you can see below, even small villages can look sweet and be very beautiful and liveable places.

Photo by lapping

Ghana, a beautiful culture and art

Craftsmen are also a characteristic of the old named Gold Coast. They made beautiful objects that are exported to the whole of Africa. From the plastic to the drums and musical instruments, passing by traditional bags. These objects are handmade and made with local objects.

Photo by Nathaniel Tetteh via Iwaria

Dance is also involved in Ghanaian culture. Traditional dances are called Agbadza, Bambaya, or kpalongo, according to each ethnicity. The dances are executed on specific occasions: birth, marriage, death… The last event’s category of dancers was recently discovered by the whole world through viral videos on social networks with the coffin dance.

Photo by iBalindura via Iwaria

We are at the end of our image’s trip to Ghana. I hope it makes you want to fly and take a good time there. If you have the chance to live there, I’m sure you appreciated the rediscovering. If you know other beautiful places that must be known of the whole world, just one thing to do : share it with us. We’ll be glad to receive your help to make Ghana and Africa discovered by the world.