How to tag images on Iwaria to get discovered ?

As good photography passionate and an Iwaria contributor, well-tagging your pictures are one of your challenges to make them discovered by the world. Tags are keywords you put while uploading your pictures on Iwaria and that allow these pictures to appear in search results when someone wants an image relative to one of the keywords.

Why well-tagging your images is an advantage?

There are only advantages to put the right tags on the photo you publish on Iwaria. Stock photos users mainly find or select photos after searching a keyword in the research bar. The results showed to them are based on tags linked to every photo on the stock. When your photo contains a researched tag, it will appear in the results requested photos by the user. If your photo doesn’t contain good keywords, it won’t be found after research. So, you need to learn how to optimize the tags you are putting to describe images that you upload.

What should you do?

  • Describe what you see immediately on the image
  • Add keywords that are globally related to the  image
  • Ask yourself “Would I pick this image if I was searching an image about -the keyword- ?” If your answer is yes, then you should add the keyword. If no, don’t add it.
  • The answers to some questions such as: “When? Where? Why ?” can help you add tags
  • Don’t hesitate to use synonyms

Let’s practice with this picture.

search tag photos iwaria
Photo by NIAH

Appropriate keywords for this one are “girl, kid, child, cute, smile, funny baby, joy”.

What shouldn’t you do?

  • Add the model of the device you use to take the photo. Our technology automatically detects in your photos data the model you used and add it to the photo info. You don’t need to add this to the tags.
  • Add your username to the tags. There is already a dedicated field for your username. So, no need to add it among tags
  • Don’t tag small details of the photo as tags. There aren’t sufficiently in evidence in the photo if they are small details. So, you shouldn’t add them as tags
Photo by Famouz

For example, the tags : “CANON, Famouz, trees, flowers” are not appropriate for this photo. But, you can tag this photo with : “woman, fashion, pretty girl, hairstyle, pose”.

Now that you know how to tag your photos, submit and don’t make them get lost in the stock photo. A well-tagged photo helps you gain exposure when someone searches a tag and allows them to download and appreciate your work. So, tag well your photos.